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Have questions about your Panama City accident case? The Price Law Firm personal injury lawyers have the answers you need. Our team have been helping local accident victims obtain fair compensation for their injuries in Panama City. The Price Law Firm team have the knowledge and expertise needed to recover the highest compensation for your personal injury case.

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Personal Injury

  • I was in an auto accident but the person who caused it doesn't have car insurance. What should I do?

    Answer is: Since Florida is a No-Fault State, regardless of who was at fault for the accident, you should contact your own car insurance company. The lawyers at the Price Law Firm can help you with filing the claim and get the compensation for your property damage and injuries.
  • I received an offer to settle my case, how do I know that the offer is fair?

    Answer is: The only way to know if the offer you received to settle your case is reasonable is to hire professional legal help. The lawyers at the Price Law Firm have the experience you need to seek the compensation you deserve.
  • What if I'm partially at fault?

    Answer is: The State of Florida uses the pure form of the comparative fault rule in car accident cases. If you have been in an auto accident where you are partially at fault, it is very important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. For a free case evaluation, give us a call (850) 215-2195.
  • What should I expect from your meeting with an attorney?

    Answer is:  If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, you certainly have several questions, such as “Who will take care of my medical bills?” “How will I pay for my bills” “Who will fix my car?” … At the Price Law Firm, we have represented several individuals in Panama City and surrounding areas who have been injured in an accident. We know the struggles you and your family face when fighting a powerful insurance company. Our team strives to treat our clients as if they were a member of our very own family.

Property Damage

  • Why should I hire an attorney to handle my property damage?

    Answer is: You can certainly deal with your insurance company directly, however an experienced attorney may be able to better negotiate and get a more favorable settlement. Also, if the negotiation with your insurance doesn’t bring the results you deserve, an attorney can help you to resolve this matter via arbitration or litigation.
  • How do I measure the amount of my property damage?

    Answer is: If you were involved in an auto accident in Florida, you will need to contact your own insurance company to file a claim. And, depending on your own policy, you may be entitled to costs of repairs, replacement value, market value, actual cash value, and/or cost minus depreciation. The team at the Price Law Firm can help you file your claim and get the compensation you are entitled to.

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