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What to do in case of a motorcycle accident in Panama City, FL?

The immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Most people are in severe shock and often do not have the degree of knowledge required to handle the situation effectively. People make common mistakes that affect the validity of their case. Thus, it is imperative that every motorcycle rider follow the steps given below and hire a personal injury attorney in Panama City in case of an accident.

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5 Steps to Follow after a Motorcycle Accident

The steps given below should be taken into consideration by all of the motorcycle riders out there:

1. Check for injuries: The first and most important step is to check for injuries and immediately call 911 for medical assistance. It should be every motorcycle rider’s priority to ensure their own and everyone’s safety before even moving onto the next step.

2. Get out of harm’s way: The next step is to get off the road to a safe location like the footpath. It is recommended that you open hazard lights as well.

3. Gather evidence: Speak to the other party involved, get all required documentation including insurance papers, registration and license plate numbers. Take as many pictures as possible of the aftermath of the accident.

4. Understand the facts: The success of the case depends heavily on the facts that are provided. It might be difficult but is recommended that the rider takes into account facts like location of the accident, road conditions and speed limits.

5. Call the police: Even if no one is seriously injured, it is still recommended that the motorcycle rider contact the police, as they can help in recovering substantial damages. The police will also file a report that can be used as evidence in court.

How to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Panama City, FL

While these 5 steps will help a motorcycle rider after an accident, however, they only way to truly have their rights enforced is through an experienced physical injury lawyer who specializes in motorcycle personal injury claims.

Only a competent motorcycle accident attorney can get the victim substantial compensation for the damage caused by the accident. For all of those motorcycle riders out in Panama City or Panama City Beach who have unfortunately found themselves in an accident, it is imperative that they contact a personal injury attorney immediately who can initiate legal proceedings if necessary.

It is important to get into legal proceedings immediately as the case may be valid only for a given period of time. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer who has all the required skills in their arsenal can successfully deal with insurance adjusters.

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