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There is no worse experience for a family than to lose a loved one who has passed away through no fault of his/her own. While you are dealing with the pain and grief of losing a loved one, it is important for you to know that The Price Law Firm is here for you to help you with the additional struggles that you may soon face.

In the state of Florida, the wrongful death statute limits the time for filing a wrongful death lawsuit to two years from the day your loved one passed. These cases are often complex and evidence needs to be preserved. It is in your best interest to seek legal help as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to meet this deadline. We will commence our investigation immediately to uncover and preserve evidence and witnesses to support your claim, but it is important to act right away.


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The attorneys at The Price Law Firm handle cases of wrongful death in all types of situations involving negligence or wrongful actions, including:

  • Deaths caused by medical negligence
  • Fatal auto accidents
  • Security negligence in hotels, resorts, parking lots, shopping centers and other commercial properties
  • Construction accidents
  • Dangerous or defective products
  • Shootings and stabbings

What Types of Damages are Involved in a Wrongful Death Claim?

After proving that someone else’s negligence is responsible for the wrongful death of your loved one, surviving family members may be able to obtain compensation for the damages resulting from their loss as well as compensation for the struggles they may now face because of this loss. These damages include:

  • Coverage of medical bills
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of parental guidance
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of household support
  • And other expenses

Panama City Wrongful Death Attorney

A wrongful death can be devastating, affecting the entire family. Determining and holding who’s responsible for his/her carelessness helps to make your financial future less difficult and helps to prevent future acts of negligence. The Price Law Firm will work to protect your rights and determine the lost potential you and your family member had.

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